Friday, May 7, 2010

ode to the midwestern storm

ode to the midwestern storm: written in response to the "storms" that we have here in NC (specifically to the one we had last night)
by Katie Chen

I miss the midwestern storm that you can see
faintly, off in the distance and you can watch,
as it barrels closer and closer until you can hear
the whisper of the trembling thunder.

It lands on you with a hardness
constant and abusive
making the trees sway to breaking,
the rain drop like glass shards,
and your heart freeze within your being.

Will the house hold?
Will the windows crumble?
Will lightning strike? Streets flood?
Tornado hit?

The thunder cracks and growls
filling your ears and mind
until all other thoughts
have been pushed out.

Everything shakes, but you
must sit still and wait. Sleep.
In the morning will come the quiet,
the calm, the cool breeze, bird song,
and a lack of memory in all things around
you, for what came the night before.