Saturday, February 26, 2011

exploring asheville

Days are finally warmer, and I enjoy being outside again. Welcome, Spring! Welcome!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the life of a rug.

One of the many "balls of yarn" that I used to create the hunk of a thing. They were created by ripping 1 inch strips of sheets and attaching them together to create one string of sheets, then I just wound it all together so it wouldn't get tangled. By the time I was complete, I'd probably wound 3 or 4 balls. I guess they're technically "balls of sheets." The thing weighed a ton!
An artsy-fartsy photo of the "ball of sheets." I liked the way it looked like a weird egg, and somehow matched the decor of the room.
To see the size of the thing.
The "ball of sheets" next to the rug-in-progress.
The completed rug! It's too big to take a good picture of! Someday I'll get one. I may have to take it outside and take a picture of it from the balcony!
Close-up of the stitch. Simple single crochet stitch for the entire thing. Super easy, just takes a while to finish. Let me know if you're interested in making one yourself! I can tell you how to start out. Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 7, 2011

the rug is completed!

Whew! We finally have a rug for the cold room. I won't be making one this big for a long time (it was very time-consuming), but I'll be taking orders for smaller ones. It feels really good to walk on, they're recycled/reclaimed, and everybody needs a good rug, right?

Made of recycled/relcaimed bedsheets. Email me if you're interested in having one made.

New Friend.