Friday, February 26, 2010


These were taken in January right before we had a "big" snow (big for North Carolina, a small dusting by Minnesota's standards). At the time these pictures were taken, the temperature had been in the 60s, and in a couple of hours plunged to just below freezing. I can't imagine what these trees were thinking, but it may have been somewhere along the lines of, "What the HELL!!!" Poor trees.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i found them in the bathroom...

Some humor for these frigid winter months. Yes, of course it is middle-school humor, but c'mon, break a smile! And laugh a little when I tell you this: yes, living in the "south" has its perks--we had 70 degree days in January, and it barely snows--but when it doesn't get cold, the insects don't die! (Not that I really want them too...but in the Midwest, that's a natural thing...). Instead, what these insects (such as the ones shown above) do, is enter our home by the hundreds (and we have no clue how!!!) and do whatever they want with our house! We have these little buggers everywhere, flying around our heads, landing on our bodies, crawling in our bed! I found one in my food last night! AND THEN THEY DO UNSPEAKABLE THINGS IN OUR BATHROOM!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Masala Dabba!

I emptied all of my (distinctly labeled) Indian spices into this lovely traditional Indian spice container and did not have a good method of labeling the spices once in their little bowl. Oops.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my first hat

Crochet. It is made with locally made wool, and unfortunately in this case, that means made in the US, and not China.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

worm compost!!!

Not really an art project, but a project none-the-less. They've been happy as far as I'm concerned for the past month. However, last I checked (which was a couple of minutes ago), a few worms appeared to be crawling up the sides. Slightly disconcerting considering a worm-compost "horror story" I heard a couple of weeks ago from one of Peter's friends. Apparently this friend had one of these homemade bins and he started noticing worms out and about in his house. Weird places--by his bed, in the bathroom. He thought it was just by weird chance that these poor creatures found their way outside of their home until all of the worms had escaped and withered in his home. Not entirely a coincidence, it appears. I'll let y'all know if something like that happens here...hopefully there will be nothing to report.