Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And all I needed was a strong man.

Has anyone used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty?  Believe it or not, I bought it before I realized how absurd the name was.  Rock Hard?  Oh my!  Isn't that a bit --ahem--risque?  Anyway, we'll see how well it does at patching up the seams in my studio space.  Seems to be doing well thus far.  Tomorrow I finish painting the other wall.  Wish me luck.  I almost passed out from heat exhaustion today, and dehydration--it was a hot one!  Move in is just around the corner, I have to finish asap!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Art Exercises: Ok, these are really weird...

Hug, dearest?  Yes, Please!
I love you!  You too!

This is for you, my love!  Thanks, love!

Let's fly away together!

Usually when I'm creating a piece, the first thing I do is cut up a bunch of little pieces based on texture and color.  With these, I decided to challenge myself by making myself cut out figures out of the magazines instead of squares and triangles.  (Oh gosh, the patience!)  But I did it!  And here's what came out of it.  Yes, they're weird, but I kind of like 'em.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art exercises: Funny Birds!

I went through an extreme art creation binge before my show in May, and was feeling pretty burnt out after that was done, and had to take some time off (that, and we've been settling into Baltimore!).  But now, I'm getting the artist itch.  I need to make something--and yet--the task of starting one of my large pieces still seems like--well...a task!  One of my collages typically takes days, if not weeks to complete, and it can get tedious and exhausting at times. I obviously need to be easing into it. Anytime I feel like this, I know it's time to do some art exercises.  So, here's what I've been up to: drawing funny birds! And making them quick sketches (only allow myself 5 minutes on the pencil sketch), so that I can be free as a bird and finish quite literally right after I start. The rule is no matter what you have after 5 minutes is what you keep. This time, I allowed myself a few more minutes to apply the watercolor, but next time I'll challenge myself even more by being stringent with a timer!

They're drawn on recycled card-stock (I think it was used as packing materials for something ceramic?) that I've had saved for a long time. Oh gosh, it felt good to spread my wings, make quick brush strokes, feathery pencil marks, and call it a day. These birds were mostly inspired by birds that I saw at the National Aquarium when I went there with my folks in July. I know, it's an aquarium, why were birds the take home inspiration for me? Call me bird brained. Hah. Sorry, ran out of stupid bird sayings. That must mean it's time for me to end this blog. Check back soon. There will be more exercises to come soon!

New studio space

When Peter and I found our house, we were so excited by the great deal we were getting, the area...etc...the only issue was that the studio space would be a tight fit--especially with the direction I've been going lately.  The solution, was that I would get a studio space!  And so last week, I signed a lease on a beautiful art studio space in the Station North Arts and Entertainment district in Baltimore, MD.  

It is housed in the Load of Fun Artists Building.  Check it out, it's been a cool space so far.  I'll keep you posted as I try out this new way of living:  giving myself regular studio hours to follow during the day (so I'm not working there late at night--still not the best area to be after sunset), creating a show space, hosting open studio parties, taking part in the open studio walks that the Load of Fun building hosts in collaboration with a few other arts organizations.  It will indeed be a huge change, and I'm nervous for the extra work that it will be to set up shop and to adapt my routines around it, but I have high hopes that the extra work will pay off in the end.  I'll be having a studio warming part in the not-too-distant future.         

Single Carrot Theatre office is just down the hall!

My studio from the doorway.

It came with a desk and stool! 

Plenty of room to hang my pieces. 

Another nice white wall (after I repaint it) to hang my larger pieces on.